How to Fix Canon Error 5b02 and Get Out of Error State in Canon Printer!!

Canon error 5b02 is one of the technical flaws you may face when using canon printers. Aside from offering a smooth and low-cost printing experience, you might encounter several issues during use. Hence, you should know what causes that issue to fix it properly

What is Canon Error Code 5b02?

Canon Error Code 5b02

Many canon printer users have experienced error code 5b02. Hence, if you encounter one on your LCD screen, do not panic. Like other technical issues, it warns you that an error happens in the printer. It specifically gives a sign that the printer passes the printing limit. 

Each printer comes with a specific printing limit. If it exceeds, the system will show a notification with an alarm. Canon printers usually display an error code 5b02 for alarm when the printer has surpassed the determined printing limit. 

Thus, when you use the printer and see an error code 5b02 message appear on your screen, your printer is in the maximum limit. No worries! You can solve canon error 5b02 and returns it to the initial settings

What Causes Error Code 5b02?

It can be frustrating to find out technical flaws like error code 5b02. It is also time-consuming if you do not know how to overcome this issue. Many factors can cause this error code to happen such as:

  • The printer has reached the maximum printing limit. 
  • The waste ink gets absorbed completely. 
  • The ink replacement.
  • An internal glitch occurs in the printer. 
  • The cartridges used are out of order.
  • The over usage of the printer.  
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Those are possible reasons that often cause canon error 5b02. Most cases behind this error code link to the ink because the black and color ink absorber in the canon printer are in the same location. 

If you find this issue happens in your printer, try to identify which one the cause is. Thus, you can determine the proper way to solve it

How to Get the Printer Out of Error Mode?

Canon Printer Error Mode

When your canon printer is in error mode, you can get it out easily. Thus, no worry and try to verify the connections. If the printer still works properly, you must restart both computer and printer before turning to the next step. 

Then, you can reinstall the printer on your computer or update the printer driver if necessary. You can continue the next step by setting up the automatic spooler printer. Next, update the windows in your computer so it is compatible with the updated printer driver

How to Get the Printer Out of the Error State?

Aside from Canon error 5b02 that appears on your screen, you might encounter your printer in the error state often. If you discover this condition, you can try restarting the printer as you restart the computer when the error affects both devices. 

While you turn off the computer and printer, let them sit for a while in case they are overused or used for a long time. After letting them rest, you can turn them on again to check whether you have successfully fixed the error

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How to Fix Error Code 5b02 in Canon Printers?

As you know the reasons causing this issue, you need to learn the troubleshooting methods to fix this error code. Remember to practice all the steps precisely and properly to fix Canon error 5b02. Never skip and manipulate the methods because each has different steps. 

  • Resetting the Canon Printer 

Resetting the canon printer is the first thing you must try when discovering this error code. You can fix this technical issue by resetting the printer completely. Follow the steps below if you want to reset the printer carefully to fix canon error 5b02:

  • Firstly, you need to unplug the power cord that connects your printer to the power source. 
  • Then, take off all the wired connections from the printer like the USB cables or other connector types. 
  • You press and hold the start button on the printer. 
  • You can continue the step by re-plugging the canon printer. 
  • Next, press the resume button twice while simultaneously holding the start button. 
  • Try to repeat the first and second steps. 
  • You must press the resume button again and hold it four times. 
  • After completing all those steps, you can check whether the issue still exists
  • Using Service Tool

Repair Using Service Tool
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If the first method does not work in fixing canon error 5b02, try the second method. However, before starting the steps, you must ensure that the printer has loaded with adequate papers. If you have checked the printer’s condition, you can try the following steps:

  • Firstly, you should choose the region by expanding the available list and selecting the specific region. 
  • Then, click on the ‘set’ option to enable one-sheet printing. You only need to tap on the clear ink counter menu, choose main black, and set.
  • Now open the list on the ink absorber counter menu and select absorber. 
  • After completing that step, click on the main black and select the ‘set’ option to support one sheet printing to another. 
  • Next, click on the EEPROM option. 
  • Lastly, find the service tool menu, choose auto, and followed by test print
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What to Do with Full Ink Absorber in Canon Printers?

Besides the error code, you might find a “full” message when something is happening related to the ink. It means your canon printer cannot perform printing tasks before you replace the ink absorber. If the printer does not turn off, you can contact the service center by following the instructions on the power button. 

If you cannot fix the ink absorber issue at home, never hesitate to ask for help from the experts. You can contact the repair service which is available at the Canon store. Otherwise, you can go to the dealer that provides Canon printer machines and spare parts. 

Most likely, you can fix Canon error 5b02 yourself by resetting the printer and waiting for a few seconds before turning it on. Then, do a print test to know whether the error has gone. If not, cannot tech support is always available to help you fix technical issues related to canon printers.

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