What to Know about Cancelled Call iPhone Blocked and How to Determine It!!

Cancelled call iPhone blocked is a common issue among iPhone users, especially for first-timers. They might wonder about canceled calls appearing in the call log when using an iPhone. Is that correlated to blocked contact or other problems like an error network?

What is Cancelled Call iPhone?

Cancelled Call iPhone

A canceled call on the iPhone indicates that the phone cannot connect with the call. It means the person who tried to call you did not finish the call. We can say that the caller disconnected the call before you pick it up. 

Thus, it does not always mean a cancelled call iPhone blocked. The call will appear in the call log as ‘canceled’ to show that the recipient did not receive it properly. Besides, canceled calls are different from missed calls because the caller ends the call instead of the recipient.

Why the iPhone Call is Being Cancelled?

Several reasons can make the call appear cancelled calls in your iPhone call log. Knowing the possibilities of that can result in a cancelled call. It will give you peace of mind to never think your contact is blocked. 

  • Network problem

In most cases, this condition happens because of poor network coverage or network problem of the caller or the recipient. When there is a cancelled call in your iPhone, it might be too low signal strength of the network. Thus, the network cannot maintain the connection between your iPhone and the caller’s phone. 

Moving to an area with a stronger signal is the solution for this condition. A sudden call cancellation might happen if the caller makes try to call you but a network problem happens before you pick it up. Another possibility is you set the phone into airplane mode when your iPhone is about to ring and you know it. 

  • The cancellation of the caller

Instead of a cancelled call iPhone blocked, a cancelled phone often happens when you make a call and hang up the phone before the recipient answer it. That is why it appears as a cancelled call in your call logs and is the common reason. 

  • The caller ended before the voicemail prompt finished

Another possibility of this condition is when the caller drops the caller before a sign or a beep sound appears. Then, the call will go to voicemail. This condition usually occurs when two iPhones apply the calling and receiving end. 

  • The call gets into the cut-off limits

A cancelled call might happen when the call gets into its cut-off limit. Like many usual network calls, your iPhone can only receive a specific number of rings until the line is cut off. When it reaches the cut-off limit, you will likely see the call end up as a canceled status in the call logs. 

  • Prepaid balance

Never think about a cancelled call iPhone blocked before you check the prepaid balance because it can be another possibility to cause an unsuccessful phone call. If the prepaid balance in your account is insufficient, the iPhone call will likely end and you will discover a notification message. 

  • The phone is off

Your iPhone call cannot reach the recipients perhaps because their phone is off or out of service. It usually happens when the phone you call is low in battery or turned off by the owner. 

  • Overloaded cell tower

Although it is rare, an overloaded cell tower can cause cancelled calls in the iPhone. It usually happens when a cell tower receives excessive data at a specific timeframe. Hence, it causes several calls within the area and cancels the call.  

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What Are the Wrong Things About an iPhone Cancelled Call?

iPhone Cancelled Call

When you find a cancelled call in your call logs, it does not mean the cancelled call iPhone blocked. Besides, it does not mean that you fail to call the recipient. Calls usually fail robocalling systems when they do not intend to receive the calls.

You likely hear a single ring when the recipient has blocked your number. It is a clear sign that a number you try to call has blocked you. If the recipient has blocked you, you can give a voice mail and the recipient will not see it as a voicemail. 

A single ring and voicemail are solid clues for a blocked number. Moreover, another sign that your number is blocked is you can hear a recording telling you that the number you are calling is available when you make a call

How to Check Call Status on the iPhone?

If you want to know if there is a cancelled call on your iPhone, you can check the call status using the following steps. 

  • Firstly, tap the phone icon on your iPhone. 
  • Then, tap the Recent option available on the bottom menu.
  • Next, check the list of calls and tap ‘I’ on any caller you want to check the status. 
  • As you tap the details, you will see the date and time when the caller tries to call your iPhone with the call status. 
  • Later, you can identify if it is due to a cancelled call iPhone blocked.

What Kinds of Call Considered Cancelled in the Call Log? 

Both incoming and outgoing calls can turn into canceled calls depending on the situation that occurred. Knowing the possible reasons affecting the call to a canceled one helps you avoid it or look for a solution for a successful one. 

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  • Incoming calls 

You sometimes misinterpret incoming calls that belong to canceled and missed. If there is a person who called you but you did not pick it up, then this call will fall under a missed call. Another example of a missed call is when you send a call to a voicemail manually. 

However, incoming calls can turn into canceled calls if the person who calls you ends the call before you give the response. The incoming calls even can be cancelled call iPhone blocked if you previously blocked the caller’s contact.  

  • Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls more often become canceled calls than incoming ones. Outgoing calls usually turn into canceled one if you hang up the call before the recipient answer it. Besides, the calls that go directly to the voicemail contribute to this call status. 

Network problem and coverage issues are other factors that can make outgoing call fail and appears as canceled call. 

Does Cancelled Call mean Your Contact Blocked?

Contact Blocked

Never assume the cancelled call iPhone blocked if you find a cancelled call in your iPhone because it is not always mean that the recipient has blocked your number. Remember that canceled calls happen when you hang up before the recipient picks them up. 

Being blocked is only one possibility. Many other reasons result in cancelled calls. Among the common reasons are the recipient is too busy to answer, they do not have a strong signal, the phone is off or toggled into airplane mode

Is a Cancelled Call the Same as a Blocked Call?

A canceled call and a blocked call are two different things because a canceled call usually occurs due to cancellation from the caller who does it manually. Besides, a canceled call does not affect the entire call that comes from a specific number. 

Meanwhile, a cancelled call iPhone blocked comes from a specific number and affects all the calls made. It refers to a setting applied by a person or receiving end for various reasons. Here are several factors that will help you to determine a blocked call from a cancelled call.

  • The blocked call does not ring

A specific number you have blocked does not ring at all when it calls you. It is different from a cancelled call that usually rings and connects to your iPhone. Only, the caller ends it in the middle of the call so the recipient does not have a chance to pick it up. 

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In some cases, if the recipient has blocked your number, your call will cause ring once. Then, it will shift into a busy tone soon. You can use ringing as an indicator to determine the cancelled call iPhone blocked.

  • The cancelled calls do not always happen intentionally

Blocked calls occur because someone has blocked your number intentionally to limit you in the interaction. However, cancelled calls do not always happen intentionally. It might occur unintentionally due to various reasons. 

Canceled calls might happen intentionally when the caller changes in mind during the call and choose to end it before you answer it. The unintentional occurrence of canceled calls might be due to bad signals, network problems, cut-off limits, and other factors that make you cancel the call unintentionally. 

  • Blocked calls limit everything from a specific number

The application of block calls does not only happen for calls. When you block a specific number, it means you try to limit any interaction from that number. It also includes other apps on the iPhone like FaceTime, iMessaging, and SMS. 

Cancelled call iPhone blocked filters everything linked to a specific number and not only the calls. Meanwhile, a cancelled call only applies to each call and you cannot set it into the application of a blocked number

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iPhone?

Aside from the calling, you can discover if someone has blocked you by sending a message. If you send a text message to a specific number and a notification telling you that your message is not delivered, it can be a clue that a recipient has blocked your number. 

If people block you, they cannot see your calls and text messages. They even do not know that you are trying to contact him in different ways. Cancelled call iPhone blocked will never go through the receiver so cancelled calls do not always due to blocking. 

iPhone has a built-in blocking feature that enables its users to limit interaction with someone they intend to. To activate this feature, you only need to tap block this caller option you can discover in every number’s contact info. Thus, that person cannot contact you as long as the number is still blocked. 

It can be a bit tricky to determine a cancelled call iPhone blocked because many people often misinterpret it with usual cancelled calls. This condition might happen under your control or the recipient’s control. However, several signs help you to determine that you have been blocked.

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