Try 6+ Steps to Make Canon MG2922 Connect to Computer Successfully

Canon MG2922 connect to computer without needing any cables and cords because it is a wireless printer. You only need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network and you can print or scan any file virtually wherever you are comfortable from compatible devices without cumbersome

Why You Need to Connect Canon MG2922 to Wi-Fi

Since MG2922 is a wireless printer, you need to connect it to Wi-Fi to get the wireless network. The Wi-Fi setup allows the printer to connect to your computer to support wireless printing. You also can enjoy direct wireless printing by connecting a compatible device with this printer. 

You need to follow the steps accurately. Thus, Canon MG2922 connect to computer and deliver smooth and efficient printing. As one of the advanced printers, canon MG2922 has many unique features Google cloud printing and Air-Print. 

It is compatible with nearly all operating systems and devices to do wireless printing. Moreover, it can deliver clear images and detailed documents, making it ideal for supporting various printing tasks at home and office. It features large ink cartridges and enough ink to support the functions

How Canon MG2922 Connect to Computer Wirelessly

canon mg2922 connect to computer

When you use a Windows computer, you can follow the steps below to connect it with Canon MG2922 wirelessly before performing the printing. 

  • Firstly, you must turn on the printer and long-press the wireless button on it. 
  • When you see the alarm lights on, press the WPS button on the router. 
  • Let the wireless light stop flashing. You have made a connection with the Wi-Fi network successfully if the light becomes steady. 
  • Put the printer driver CD available in Canon MG2922 package into your computer. 
  • Otherwise, you can download the printer driver on the canon website. 
  • Run the printer driver on your computer. 
  • Now, choose the Access point connection and click ‘Next’.
  • Follow all the steps that appear on the screen to complete the installation process. 
  • Then, align the printhead and select ‘Execute’ to get the alignment page. 
  • Choose ‘Next’ on the ‘Setup Complete’ page
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How to Connect MG2922 to Mac Computer Wirelessly

Although this printer is compatible with almost all operating systems, the ways Canon MG2922 connect to computer for each operating system is a bit different. If you use a Mac computer, you can try the following steps to connect your device to this wireless printer. 

  • First, turn on the printer and press the Wi-Fi button on it. 
  • Then, press the WPS button on the router and wait until the flashing light is steady to ensure it connects successfully. 
  • Load the CD containing the Canon MG2922 driver into your Mac computer or download it from the website directly. 
  • Double-click on the printer driver to launch the software and click ‘Setup’ followed by ‘Open’.
  • Type the password before clicking ‘Install Helper’.
  • Select ‘Wireless LAN connection’ on the Printer Connection method page. 
  • Choose your printer type on the list. 
  • Follow all installation steps that appear on the screen until it is complete

What to Do After Connect Canon MG2922 Printer to Computer

Connect Canon MG2922 Printer to Computer

No matter what devices you try to connect with canon MG2922, you should do a print test to know whether the printer setup is successful. You can do a print test after you complete the printer driver installation process on your computer or device. 

You can determine that Canon MG2922 connect to computer successfully if it delivers the correct test printout. If you install several printer drivers on your computer, you should make your computer recognize the Canon MG2922 driver automatically as the primary printer before printing. 

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If you use windows 10, you can configure it on the default printer settings. You also can connect this wireless printer to Android and iOS devices. Doing so enables you to experience modern and more comfortable integrated mobile printing. 

Remember to update the printer drivers regularly because it helps to avoid errors that occasionally happen during the connection

Final Thoughts

Canon MG2922 connect to computer differently depending on the computer type. Thus, you need to pay attention to the printer driver installation process for each device to ensure the wireless printer setup is successful. Most importantly, conduct a print test after you complete the installation process. 

It helps you know whether the connection between canon MG2922 and your printer can deliver proper printing tasks. If the printout test is wrong, you can identify the problem and reconnect again.

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