5 Benefits of C Fold for Different Industries!!

Brochures come in different types that you can use to introduce and promote your business. Some of those brochures are half-fold, tri-fold letter fold, Z fold, open gate fold, accordion fold, and roll fold brochures. Now, you’re about to learn about a C fold or tri-fold brochure.

What Is a C Fold Brochure

C Fold
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The other names for this brochure are the tri-fold brochure and letter fold brochure. It is a special folding method for documents that is using two parallel folds. The folds will then create six panels that have the same size and each paper side will have three panels.

Many businesses are using the tri-fold brochure as their marketing tool because of its power and compact form. You can find this type of brochure easily in the doctor’s office, at the rest stop, and at your favorite local dinner. Business owners love tri-fold brochures because they deliver a lot of details.

Benefits of Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures offer so many benefits for business owners. Delivering a lot of details is just one of many benefits you can get by using this type of brochure. Below are only some benefits you may get by using tri-fold brochures as your promotional media.

  • Offers six different panels

It is easier to organize content on every panel of the brochure, those panels will give you more space than a flat sheet or bi-fold brochure. Usually, the size of a C fold brochure is 8.5×11 inches, but you are free to use different sizes to fit the needs of your business.

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Designers will then divide the size of the paper you choose into three sections. This will give you six panels of the same size to deliver whatever you want to say.

  • Portable and affordable

The design of a tri-fold brochure is compact even though it hides so many details. You can place different details on the six available panels of the brochure. When a visitor takes your brochure, he will get all details he needs in a single brochure.

A C fold brochure is also an affordable option for business owners. Many print shops offer affordable prices for the tri-fold brochure, for both full-color and black-and-white designs.

  • Compatible with all businesses

Usually, tri-fold brochures are famous in tourism, but many businesses today are also using this type of brochure. Some other industries that can use tri-fold brochures to promote their businesses include real estate, retail, manufacturing, and nonprofits.

  • Have a professional look

Tri-fold brochures have the professional look and will uphold the brand of your company. The brand of your company eases people to remember your product. The tri-fold brochure is going to make your business look more professional while carrying the elements of your company’s brand.

  • Simple design and dimension

You only have to choose the size of the tri-fold brochures you desire and then break the size into three panels. Now you can start making the best design for each panel. Everyone can design trifold brochures easily before printing them.

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A C fold brochure is a super versatile promotional media that all industries can leverage. You too will taste the five benefits above if you choose tri-fold brochures as your promotional media.

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