What Users Should Know About Brother Toner TN 730 vs TN 760!!

Brother Toner TN 730 vs TN 760 can be somewhat confusing. This is because both toners are actually alike. It is true that there are some differences between TN 730 and TN 760. However, both kinds of toner have lots of advantages in terms of function and price.

Brother Toner TN730 Vs TN760

Brother Toner TN730 Vs TN760


When it comes to the differences between Brother toner TN 730 and TN 760, it is easy to claim that TN 730 has lower prices than TN 760.  The page yield of TN730 is fewer than TN 760. TN730 has a similar page yield to a common toner cartridge in which its capacity covers approximately 1,200 pages.

For those who need more print yield, they can choose TN760 which has a higher capacity toner cartridge. It can print approximately 3,000 pages.  It is easy to summarize that the TN760 contains a higher amount of toner powder within its cartridge.

It means users don’t have to be confused when they want to purchase their printers’ consumables.  This is particularly when the printer has separated toner and drum.  Usually, each of them should pair with a drum unit called DR730.

Brother TN730 and TN760 are similar. They also have similarities with DR730. But, their appearances can be different. However, users have to make sure that they don’t buy the wrong item.  Basically, DR730 is a drum unit. But, TN730 and TN760 are toner cartridges.

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As a drum unit, DR730 is very light and feels empty as there is no toner powder within. Its function is mainly for supporting toner cartridges, particularly TN760. However, TN730 and TN760 have toner powder though each of them contains different kinds of toner powder.

Regardless of the differences between Brother Toner TN730 and TN760, both share some similarities. The first similarity is the shelf life which reaches up to three years. The next similarity is the need of using a drum unit for supporting the cartridges.

Replacing the Cartridge

Replacing the Cartridge


Printer owners have to pay attention to the cartridge replacement warning. Fortunately, all Brother printers have a sophisticated system to deliver replacement signals to users. Users will get various prompts when their printers’ cartridges and drum units have to get a replacement.

There is an important thing to consider for users. They have to buy the right toner cartridge and drum unit for their Brother printers.  When users don’t use the proper toner cartridge and drum unit, there will be a false prompt that will cause problems for the printer.

Usually, there will be prompts like ‘replace toner’ or ‘toner is low. But, users should be aware when the printing quality is getting low or faded. The replacement should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage.

The prompt indicates that users have to replace the cartridge toner. However, when users find a prompt like ‘replace drum’, it means they have to replace the drum unit. In this case, users have to make the replacement of the DR730 drum unit.

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Cartridge replacement should be done right away when there are signs of a low-toner cartridge or drum unit. Users don’t even have to wait for any prompt when the printing quality doesn’t appear as good as it was before. For those who have higher needs of page yield, then they can opt for TN760 Toner Cartridge so they can save more money.

Learn About The Proper Use of Toner Cartridges and Drum Units

A toner cartridge contains toner power in a good amount. So, users need to replace the cartridge when they find out that the printing quality is getting low. Especially for the Brother TN760 toner cartridge, it pairs with the unit of the DR730 drum.

The existence of a drum unit is a necessity. A drum unit contains no toner powder.  This is why the drum unit should be filled with the toner cartridge before it can be used within the printer.

When it comes to the service life, the drum unit is longer than the toner cartridge. It means printer users should replace the drum unit after five times the replacement of toner cartridges.  But, there are some kinds of drum units with longer service life.

Especially for Brother DR730 drum unit, should be filled with the proper toner cartridge.  Installing the TN760 toner cartridge is suitable before users print normally.  Fortunately, the DR730 drum unit can fit various Brother toner cartridges.

But, keep in mind that the TN760 toner cartridge only fits the DR730 drum unit. It is not allowed to use other kinds of the drum unit.  Or else, the installation will cause problems.  This is why users usually buy a combo pack of a TN760 toner cartridge and a DR730 drum unit so that they don’t find problems before using their printers.

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Stay Original

Users of Brother printers have to make sure that they use original Brother toner cartridges. Or else, their Brother laser printers don’t run smoothly.  They can use either TN730 for less printing, or they can opt for TN760 for a higher volume of printing.

The size of TN760 is bigger than TN730. Yet, both of them contain black toner only. Both kinds of cartridges look interchangeable. When a Brother printer fits a TN730 replacement toner cartridge, then it will fit the TN760 series as well.

So, don’t bother about Brother toner TN730 vs TN760. Both of them are suitable for common Brother printers that most people use. However, it is recommended to buy TN760. Regardless of its higher price, it can print more pages than TN730.

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