Can I use inkjet labels in a laser printer? What you need to know about the papers and printers compatibility

You’d be surprised when knowing how often someone came up with the “Can I use inkjet labels in a laser printer?” question. It’s not a surprise since most people think that all papers are the same. So let’s find out more about paper and printer compatibility. 

So, can I use inkjet labels in a laser printer or not?

Can I use inkjet labels in a laser printer

In general, you can use your inkjet papers in a laser printer. The success rate is high enough that you can do this once in a while. But it’s best to only use laser labels for your laser printer.

That is because each paper has different structures to match the printer. It sure sounds trivial to people who think that all paper labels are the same. But they should take it like a regular photo paper and glossy one.

Both are photo papers, but they can give different results. A glossy photo paper will reflect more light and give a brighter picture than matte or regular photo paper.

Another reason is that using the wrong paper may be dangerous for your printer. It won’t happen soon, but most people report issues with their LaserJet printer after printing with inkjet paper.

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What are the risks?

Firstly, you’re risking the printer’s fuser kit to work properly. It’s easy to miss the sign when it’s your first time using the wrong paper. But after a while, the signs will be more obvious.

For inkjet printers, the fuser kit is the heart that makes it work. Any problem with the fuser kit will cause imperfection in the print result.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the print result right away. The inkjet labels have different absorption rates to match an inkjet printer. Hence using it in a LaserJet will cause smudges and other issues.

There is also a chance for the paper to get stuck inside the printer. It mostly happens when you’re printing on custom-size labels. You also can find issues when using LaserJet paper on an inkjet printer. 

Why so difficult? I just want to print my labels!

Well, if you like your printer and want to use it for many years. You need to take heed and only print with compatible papers. Some manufacturers may recommend their brands for the best print result.

These recommendations are not only to push their sales. But to save you from breaking your printer because you insist on using the wrong paper. And don’t forget that the printer costs a lot more than a pack of paper.

So whenever you’re about to change your labels, you need to check their compatibility with your printer. 

Next time you hear someone ask “Can I use inkjet labels in a laser printer?”, you can answer them with “yes, but it’s best not to.” Most people may not notice any difference, but it can harm your printer. Therefore, you can use it only as the final resort when you have no more labels.

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