4+ Best Printer For Business Cards and What to Consider!!

Any company has to own the best printer for business cards. A business card can enhance the effectiveness of a promotion strategy. Even a company is easy to get good popularity through its business cards with the best design.

It is important to notice that business cards have an impact to attract clients’ or potential markets’ attention.  Printing business cards is easy. But, creating the ones that attract people can be somewhat daunting. It requires a good design and a quality printer.

Things to Consider Before Finding the Best Printer for Business Cards

Things to Consider Before Finding the Best Printer for Business Cards

Any business owner who wants to create a professional business card should find a quality printer that can meet the needs of printing, with the very best price possible. It is true that there are choices of printers which offer their good features. But, business owners should make lots of comparisons before getting the best deals for their business needs.

Some business owners are wondering whether they need a printer for printing their business cards or not. As a matter of fact, they can get better advantages when they print their own business cards. They can save more money and they don’t spend too much time in finding the best company to print their business cards.

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Besides, there are lots of online templates that they can use for designing attractive business cards. They won’t find too many hassles in terms of design. With lots of design options, they can get lots of choices before finding the one that represents their companies.

Criteria of High-Quality Printers

It is not hard to find the right printer that suits the needs of business owners to print business cards.  These days, reputable manufacturers offer sophisticated technology for their printers.  They offer several criteria as stated below:

1.      Printing Speed

There are some choices of printers that offer up to twenty pages per minute printing speed. This is definitely a very fast printer that meets the demand for printing business cards.  Any printer that offers at least 20 PPM can produce excellent printing quality.

2.      Inkjet Printer

Basically, an inkjet printer can print better result on thicker papers. Card–stock paper is thicker than standard printing paper, so it is better to choose an inkjet printer for business card printing. But, it doesn’t mean that laser printers don’t produce good quality printing for business cards.  The result can be different between both printers.

3.      Quality of Printing

As related to the previous point, inkjet printers that can assure high-quality printing depend on their dots per inch or DPI. The higher the DPI, the better printing quality that they can produce.  The term Dots per Inch refers to the accuracy and precision of the printer that relates to the resolution. The recommended DPI is 600 x 600.

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Many people are wondering whether a regular printer can print business cards with good results. Basically, it depends on the cardstock option and the quality of the cartridge. The thicker the cardstock is, the better result is the printing. 

Which Manufacturers Specialize in Business Cards Printing

Which Manufacturers Specialize in Business Cards Printing

Basically, almost all reputable manufacturers offer the best features.  Buyers have to consider this as an advantage because they have lots of options. With so many choices available, the prices are very competitive so buyers can choose the one that suits their needs and budget.

Among the most recommended series of printers that ensure high-quality printing include:

1.      EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Printer by Epson

The cartridge-free feature of EcoTank ET-2720 wireless printer is what many buyers demand. This feature really can save much money because there is an economical replacement ink bottle. One ink bottle of this printer is similar to eighty cartridges.  

This printer has 5760 x 1 440 DPI. For sure, the printing result will be excellent, particularly for business cards. The printer can also get voice commands. The best of all is the 1.44-inch color display screen that offers all information altogether.

2.      OfficeJet Pro 8025 by Hewlett Packard

Just like other HP printers, HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is also worth having. It is one of the best seller printers on worldwide marketplaces.  Besides its wireless feature, it is also equipped with scanner, copying, and fax machine.

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Printing business cards by using this printer is definitely excellent. It has 20 PPM printing speed that can suit any cardstock paper. Its double-sided printing functionality is also very useful.  Printing business cards on both sides will result in high-resolution printing.

This printer suits small offices and home usage, thanks to its compact size. With its flexible connectivity, this printer can meet the needs of both personal and corporate needs.  The setup is also user-friendly.

3.      Canon TS9120

Canon TS9120 series is popular for its speed functionality. It boasts a 6-color individual ink system that ensures better-colored prints.  Among its excellent features include duplex printing capability, borderless printing, and many more.

There is no doubt that printing business cards by using this printer is very much easy and satisfying.  It has 4800 x 1200 DPI that ensures perfect printing resolution. It is also equipped with a 5-inch LCD display touchscreen that adds user interference ease.

4. WorkForce WF-7720 by Epson

Epson WF-7720 series is an inkjet printer wide format color.  It can print borderless documents and pictures with high-quality results.  Particularly for business cards, this printer specializes on double-sided printing results that users claim satisfying.

The paper capacity is up to five hundred sheets in which it also offers dual trays for specialty paper alongside a rear-end feeder.  Its 4.3-inch color touch screen makes this printer functional and good-looking at the same time.  This printer is also popular for its economical feature as it only uses eighty percent less power than common laser printers.

Excellent Choices for Excellent Results

It goes without saying that printing business cards are much easier now for everyone.  Whichever the best printer for business cards that buyers choose should be from reputable manufacturers. This is to ensure that they don’t only get quality printing result, but also long-lasting color printing for their business cards.

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