The Meaning of Sequential Numbers and How to Use It!!

Understanding the meaning of sequential numbers is essential, especially if you are working in the printing industry. Sequential numbers are something important that will help you finish your job more quickly and effectively. Get to know about sequential numbers on this page.

Meaning of Numbers in Sequence

In the printing industry, sequential numbering is a printing numbers process in sequential order. Every sheet in your document will get a start number. This numbering process will continue throughout your document in ascending numerical order.

You can sequentially number various products you make, such as note pads or desk pads, register sets, continuous NCR forms, loose sets, books, NCR pads, and also letterheads. Why is it crucial to sequentially number your products?

Numbering will be super helpful on receipts and invoices since the number is going to provide the reference for a specific transaction or order. This is going to help you find customer queries easily. For example, the copy of invoice 0997 will exactly match the one your customer gets.

How to Sequentially Number Your Products

Meaning of Numbers in Sequence

Before you start numbering some products, there are some things you should know, such as how to make sequential numbers in your products.

  • Colors to use

You can number your products by using red ink or black ink but usually black is the standard color for the sequential numbering process.

  • Starting the numbers

About the number to start, you are free to choose any number you desire. The minimum digit for a sequential number is four and the maximum is seven.

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  • The numbers’ position

After knowing the meaning of sequential numbers, you may want to know where should you put the sequential number. As long as there is enough room, you are free to place the number wherever you want.

  • Add a prefix

You can add a prefix to the sequential numbers if you want to. For example, you may want to type INV0001 for invoice number one. If you choose to have a prefix, you should print it on the plate and in the right position.

  • Size of the numbers

Usually, the size of sequential numbers in many products is 18pt with Arial for the font. With this font and size, you will still have enough room to use. If you are using a prefix before the number, make sure that you use the same font and size.

  • Continue the sequential numbers

Some printing businesses are using a specific ordering system that allows them to continue the sequential numbering process when the same client places a repeat order. The numbering is going to continue from the last one of the previous orders.

The sequential number isn’t the only thing you should learn. Some other numbering processes to understand include winning numbers, contract numbers, data universal numbering systems, and so on. By learning those numbering processes, you’ll know which one to use in the next project.

The meaning of sequential numbers and how to make sequential numbers are two essential things to learn. Make sure that you learn everything about sequential numbers before using this numbering process in your printing business.

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