HP Laserjet Pro M283 vs M479 Comparison: The Similarities and Differences

When you have to compare HP Laserjet Pro M283 vs M479, you need to take a closer look at the detail specs and features. Both may look the same, but they are different in nature. So, which one would be best for you? 

HP Laserjet Pro M283 vs HP M479

HP Laserjet Pro M283 vs HP M479


Both look similar. Both of these printing machines are designed to tackle and handle printing tasks easily and effortlessly. Designs are also similar, providing you access to easy operation and fuss-free management. After all, they are designed to help small businesses (to medium scale) grow and operate.

However, if you have to take a closer look, you will see that the M479 is slightly bigger. Whereas the M283 is smaller and more compact, the M479 is bigger and more expansive. The machine also supports extra accessory and expansion, so you can enjoy more features and operability from the machine. 

Just because the M479 is bigger, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more functional and beneficial. It depends on your business preference, really. If you want a printing machine that can support more addition, more accessories, and more work, then you know which one to choose. 

A Multifunctional Device

Both devices are multifunctional machines. It means that one machine can be used not only for printing, but also for scanning, making copies, and faxing. A multifunctional machine means that you can save up a lot of money for your business, allowing you to buy only one device that can do a lot of tasks. 

Just because it can do more than a printing task, it doesn’t mean that the quality would be poor or lame. On the contrary, the quality for the print, the scan, the fax, and the copies would be just flawless. That’s why the printer is perfect for (small) business owners. 

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Both of them have colorful screen with touchscreen ability. It gives you the easiness to control, manage, and operate everything quite easily without getting a headache. If you are one of those old school users, you will appreciate this control (touchscreen) panel. 

The Printing Quality

Let’s not forget that both printers are LaserJet machines, which mean that it is more perfect for both personal and business usages. With toners, you can be sure that you can tackle high printing volumes without compromising quality or performance. And LaserJet printers are known for the quality outcome; which ensures sharp and detailed printing outcome. 

Both devices use toners and they also support color printing too. Let’s not forget that there are several printers that can only print black and white, but these ones aren’t those printers. With both option of black toner as well as colored toners, you have the flexibility to pick whatever printing tasks you like without being constrained or limited by the specs. 

These printers have 4 toners configurations, which gives you the ability to expand the color options. The printing solutions would be 600 x 600 dpi. This kind of resolution is more than good enough for general personal usage. In most business settings, this resolution layout is considered professional enough for detailed and bright result. 

Another cool thing about these printers is the fact that it supports duplex printing. In case you don’t know it, duplex printing means that you can print both sides of the paper without you having to do anything. It means that the devices can do this duplex action on its own; automatically. 

The Obvious Differences

If both devices are alike, what are the differences? Does it mean that both are exactly the same? As it was mentioned before, both devices share a lot of similarities, but there are also several differences between the two. 

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In terms of printing speed, for instance, the M283 printer can generate 22 pages within a minute (in black and white) and 22 pages for colors. The M479 is able to produce more papers, up to 28 pages in black and 28 pages in colors. 

The M479 also comes with faster printing time for the first one. It means that the device won’t take too long to warm up. It should be able to produce a page in 9.5 seconds for black and white, and 11.1 seconds for colors. When compared to the M283 which can print 10.6 seconds for black and 12.2 seconds for colors, the M479 is definitely faster. 

M283 has less monthly (duty) cycle, able to accommodate ‘only’ 40,000 pages while the M479 is able to accommodate pages up to 50,000. If you are busier and your business has to deal with more paper production, obviously, the M479 would be the one suitable for your needs. 

Details of the Differences

The M283 has recommended page count (for monthly basis) set between 150 pages and 2500 pages. The recommended paper thickness is from 16 lbs to 43 lbs, placed on the paper tray. If you want to print specialized media, it can accommodate up to 53 lbs within the manual feeder. The footprint printing size would be 16.5” x 16.6” x 13.2” with the weight up to 41.2 pounds. 

The M479 is able to have more capacity for the recommended page count, from 750 pages to 4,000 pages. Moreover, this printer is able to support extra (feed) tray, which can add another 550 extra pages to the printing operation. The second tray is completely optional, but the machine itself is able to support the attachment. This is the main feature that differentiates the M479 from the M283 as the latter won’t be able to accommodate the extra tray.

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Other differences include connectivity. M283 is able to support two types of USB (USB A and B) and RJ45 port. The M479, on the other hand, not only able to support those ports, but it can also support RJ11, which expands the possibility of more connectivity. Both machines also support WiFi connection, giving you the freedom to stay productive without being connected by wires.

The Support of Technology

HP Technology

Today’s printers are ‘smart’. They are able to support direct printing, which means that you can control the print wirelessly. M283 supports Apple AirPrint, Mopria, HP ePrint, USB port, and also WiFi Direct. The M479, however, has more abilities. Not only it can support those options above, but it can also support Google Cloud Print, Android, and Hp Smart.  

General Conclusion

If you have extra budgets, the M479 would be the perfect option, especially if you have to deal with high printing volumes on daily basis. However, if you have limited space and you don’t actually have more to spend, then the M283 would be better. But rest assured that both machines are designed to last and to deliver excellent professional quality. 

Final Words

Both devices are designed for midsize office operations and applications, although the M479 requires a little extra space (only a little) and it won’t be as compact as the other one. In terms of operation and management, though, both devices are basically the same. They offer seamless and straightforward operation.

It’s completely up to you to make the decision of which printer would be perfect for you. Be sure to choose the one that meets your requirements and needs; not the one that looks fancy or the most expensive. Hopefully, these comparisons of HP Laserjet Pro M283 vs M479 can give you a clearer idea of what to expect, leading you to make a correct choice. 

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