Can I Use A Printer Without Internet? Yes, With These 4 Methods!!

 Can I use a printer without internet? This is a famous question from so many printer users around the world. You may ask the same question when you are about to print from your mobile device. If so, then you need to know about wireless printing and connections first.

By understanding wireless printing and wireless connections, you will know how a printer can work. This way, you can get the right answer for can I use a printer without internet? If you can print without using internet access, what steps should you take?

Can I Use A Printer Without Internet?


Many modern printers today can print documents via a wireless connection. Wireless connection is now a standard feature you can find in almost all brands of printers. But a wireless connection isn’t the only option available. Many other technologies allow you to print your files easily.

If you need to print a lot of documents and you need reliability, consider using a wireless printer. You can use this printer with a smartphone and a wireless network or Wi-Fi. With this technology, you can print directly from an Android phone. But if you need to print only every once in a while, try other options.

If there is no wireless connection, it may be hard for you to print your documents anytime. But the internet isn’t the only thing that will help you connect your printer to your mobile device. Bluetooth, for example, is the oldest type of wireless connection you can use to connect some devices.

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How Can I Use A Printer Without Internet?

There are many methods you can use to complete wireless printing jobs with no traditional Wi-Fi connection. But you need to make sure that you protect the password of your printer. The protection will secure your printer from cyber-attacks.

Protecting your printer from cyber-attacks is crucial, especially if you use the printer for work. A printer scanner for small businesses is an example of a printer that requires protection. Now, check out some solutions for “how can I use a printer without internet?” below.



This one is the oldest wireless connection technology on earth. You can use this connection to complete standard printing jobs that require wireless technology. To use Bluetooth, you need to use a special feature: Bluetooth receiver.

Activate Bluetooth connection after confirming that there is the existence of Bluetooth. Pair your mobile device with the printer through the Bluetooth section on the settings app. After pairing two devices, you are now ready to start printing the files from your mobile phone.

Some printers can also start their printing jobs via the cloud. Unfortunately, using the cloud means you need to connect the printer to the internet. How can I use a printer without internet? By using Bluetooth as the first alternative to Wi-Fi.

Proprietary wireless technologies


Some modern printers now come with proprietary wireless technologies like the wireless direct. This wireless direct is a standard feature in many HP printers today. This technology can allow you to avoid some traditional Wi-Fi connections. How can I use a printer without internet?

Before using these proprietary wireless technologies, you need to confirm that your printer and phone can integrate. Seamless integration is necessary so that both devices can connect to each other. Your printer should have a logo that shows you it has the proprietary wireless technology feature.

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For example, HP has the Wireless Direct logo you can easily view on compatible printers. If your printer doesn’t show any logo of this technology, it probably doesn’t have the latest wireless technology. This means you need to find another way to use the printer without an internet connection.

USB Connection

The easiest and simplest answer to “how can I use a printer without internet?” is by using a USB Connection. You can always plug your mobile device into the printer by using a USB cable. This way, you can treat your mobile phone like a personal computer.

You need to make sure that you can plug your mobile phone in via a USB cable and that the printer has the available ports. Many modern smartphones don’t have the feature of the traditional USB port. If your phone doesn’t have this feature, you need to use a third-party adapter.

After preparing the adapter, you can start plugging your phone into the printer. Then you can print your documents easily without connecting the printer to any internet connection. Try this method at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

Print from computers

USB Connection

Another solution for “how can I use a printer without internet?” is by printing from the computer. Run your computer and access Devices and Printers on your Windows computer. You will see all printers that are in connection with your computer. Use those printers to print all documents with no internet.

You can print all files and documents you save on your computer directly without an internet connection. This is because your printer is already connected to the computer and needs no additional connection. Simply hit the print button on any app you use to open the files or documents.

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Before printing the documents or files, check the printer first and make sure it has enough paper and ink. Then start printing the documents and wait for the printer to deliver all files you need. If your document is still on your mobile device, transfer the file to your computer before printing.

Printing With And Without Internet Connection

If you are going to print a document from a mobile device, some options for connection are available. If there is no internet connection, consider using Bluetooth or a USB cable. Or you can move the file to your computer and print the file from any application on the computer.

Can I use a printer without internet? Yes, you can, by using Bluetooth connection, USB connection,  or proprietary wireless technology. Or, you can consider moving the files you will print to the computer. Connect the computer to a printer and then print the document or file without any internet access.

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