Can I Put Printer in Recycling Bin to Dispose of It?

Can I put printer in recycling bin? This question comes up when a printer becomes too old and the owner wants to replace it with the new one. Is it possible to recycle the old printer as well as the printer cartridges? Dig deeper and you will get the answer to those questions.

Don’t Throw Out Your Old Printers

You cannot throw away your electronics when you’re not using them anymore. Before purchasing a new printer, you need to know how to dispose of your electronics properly. Inside the printer, there are ink cartridges that have toxic elements.

Many states have laws about proper electronic waste disposal. Businesses that dump their electronic illegally will face huge fines. That’s why you need to learn how to dispose of your printer in the right way. Can you put the printer in the trash? No, you can’t.

But there are some different ways to dispose of old printers. And one of them is the recycling program. learn about the different ways to dispose of your old printer and show your respect for the environment.

Can I Put Printer in Recycling Bin?

Can I Put Printer in Recycling Bin

Yes, you can. There are at least four different ways to dispose of your old printer. The first one is recycling the printer and the second way is donating it. Or you can consider selling your printer. And the final option is finding a trade-in offer. Recycling your printer is the easiest and quickest way.

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There are some different options for recycling your printer. Learn about the different recycling options below and choose the best option.

  • Big-box retailers

Many retailers often have in-store recycling bins. You can drop off the old printers in those bins. Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and Target are some big retailers that offer recycling bins. You can find big retailers in many towns. Simply bring your old printer to the retailer and put it in the recycle bin.

  • Collection centers for electronic waste

Another place you can dispose of your old printer is the collection center for e-waste. This center should be available in many cities. You can check with the city hall or the website of your county or city for the drop-off locations and operational hours for printer recycling program.

Using the recycling center will be a simple choice that will take care of the old printer problem. This is also a great way to dispose of the printer in a more environmentally friendly manner. Those collection centers allow you to dispose of or recycle your toner cartridges along with the old printer.

  • Local events

 To ease many business owners and consumers who need to get rid of their old printers, some counties and cities hold special events. The events will be available for a whole day or a whole weekend. You can drop off your electronic waste at those events.

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Simply drop off the old printer at the drop-off location and then you can leave the location. Not every single community is offering a recycling program for electronics. But if your community is offering this program, make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to get rid of your old printer properly.

  • Original manufacturers

Can I put printer in recycling bin of the printer’s original manufacturer? You can email or call the manufacturer of your old printer. Samsung, Sony, HP, Canon, and Epson have an electronic waste recycling program. They also have a special program: take-back programs.

However, you need to contact the original manufacturer first and see whether they are going to accept your printer. Some companies may only accept some models of the devices as part of the take-back programs. This is a great way to avoid placing your printer in the garbage.

Other Options to Dispose of Old Printers

Donating your old printer will be a great way to dispose of it. Your trash may become a treasure for someone else. You can give the old printer to a charitable organization. Or you can sell the old printer on an online marketplace, social media, repair shop, or junk shop.

Can I put printer in recycling bin? Old printers are electronics. You cannot throw them away in your garbage. A much better option is recycling your old printer and its cartridges in one of four different places. Or you can donate the old printers or sell them.

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