Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake: Why it Appears and How to Get Rid of it!

The Apple Watch is an excellent device that can work smoothly. However, nothing is perfect in this world, including the Apple Watch. Those who have used this device for years must have experienced the Apple Watch charging screen snake issue.

Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake: What is it?

Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake

The charging screen snake is a symbol of a charging cable. This symbol looks like a zig-zag line with a round figure at one end. You will see a charging symbol that looks like lightning on the round figure.

The charging snake symbol indicates that the device is charging but does not have a sufficient amount of battery power to turn on. Moreover, since the battery is very low, the Apple Watch cannot show the clock and activate the Power Reserve mode.

Most Apple Watch users call this error symbol a red or green snake of death, depending on the color. They use this name because this icon can remain for hours to days and prevents them from using this watch.

Why does Charging Screen Snake Appear on Apple Watch?

The charging screen snake symbol will appear when your Apple Watch is very low in battery and you try to charge it. There are several reasons why the charging screen snake appears on your Apple watch.

  • Prolonged Sun Exposure 

Prolonged sun exposure on your Apple Watch can trigger the appearance of a snake screen on Apple Watch. It is because sun exposure for a prolonged period can cause the Apple Watch battery to overheat.

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As a result, the battery cannot take a store charge. If it is the case with your Apple Watch, you must replace its battery or get a new Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch is Inactive for a Very Long Time

Your Apple Watch will have a bigger risk of having the charging screen snake issue if it is inactive for a very long time. Over time, Apple Watch that is inactive for long period will shut down due to low battery power. 

When the watch switches off, its battery still has a small amount of power left to keep the current time and date. However, this battery will eventually lose its power completely. Consequently, this battery needs an initial charge for a couple of hours to power up the device.

  • Too Long at Store

The Apple Watch charging screen snake issue does not only appear on a used Apple Watch but also on a new one. A new Apple Watch that is in stores for too long can suffer from the snake of death issue because it is inactive for a very long time.

  • Unsteady Charging Voltage

The unsteady charging voltage can slow down the charging process. If it occurs repeatedly, this condition will cause the Apple Watch battery to drain or deplete. As a result, the snake of death issue will appear.

  • Inappropriate Charger

Some Apple Watch users charge their Apple Watch using a third-party charger. At first, this act will not cause any issues on their device. However, it will eventually cause the Apple Watch charging icon snake to appear.

Green Charging Snake and Red Charging Snake

There are two types of charging snake icons that appear on the Apple Watch. They are:

  • Red Snake of Death 

Red Charging Snake

The red charging snake icon has a red lightning symbol and a red zig-zag line. It signifies that there is no power flow into the battery. It also indicates that the Apple Watch battery has no power left and that the device needs a reboot after charging. 

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Moreover, the red snake of death will appear after you charge your troubled Apple Watch. This icon may remain for some time. 

  • Green Snake of Death

The green charging snake has a green lightning symbol and a green zig-zag line. This icon generally appears after the red charging snake has gone. 

The appearance of the green snake of death usually indicates that there is power flowing into the battery. This icon commonly will stay for hours until the battery is full. However, some Apple Watches do not show any progress after hours of charging.

Troubleshooting Charging Screen Snake: Charge the Watch

The charging snake icon will appear immediately after users charge their troubled Apple Watch. However, you must try to keep charging the device and wait patiently for its development.

It can take at least four hours for the green charging snake icon to disappear. Moreover, you must periodically check the Apple Watch for overheating while waiting for its battery to reach 100%. You must unplug the charging cable if the watch overheats.

Troubleshooting Snake of Death: Change the Charger

Sometimes, the charger is the reason behind the appearance of the snake of death. Therefore, you can try to use another charger if your Apple Watch does not show any progress after 4 hours of charging.

Borrow an Apple Watch charger from your friends or relatives and use it for charging your Apple Watch. If your device shows positive progress after being charged using this charger, you must get rid of your old charger and get a new one. 

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Remember, you must always use a genuine charger to charge the Apple Watch. A genuine charger will minimize the occurrence of battery and charging issues in the future.

Troubleshooting Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake: Discharge the Watch Completely

The method of discharging the Apple Watch completely has helped many Apple Watch users discard the snake of death icon. Follow these steps to discharge the watch completely.

  1. Charge the Apple Watch and see the progress.
  2. Unplug the device from its charger when there is no progress.
  3. Leave off the watch for several minutes.
  4. Press and hold the side button for several seconds until the screen goes black.
  5. Charge the device.

Troubleshooting Charging Screen Snake: Hard Reset

Force Restart Your Apple Watch

There is a little possibility that the Apple Watch software causes the display to send an error message, such as the Apple Watch charging screen snake. If it is the case, then you must hard reset the Apple Watch.

To perform a hard reset on this device, follow the steps below.

  • Charge the Apple Watch.
  • Press and hold the side button and crown button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.
  • Stop pressing the buttons and let the device reboot.

What if the Charging Snake Icon Remains?

A persistent charging snake icon may indicate a dead battery. Consequently, the troubleshooting tips above cannot help you get rid of the charging snake icon if the culprit of this issue is a dead battery.

Therefore, you must replace this battery or even replace the device with a new one. Once you get the replacement, you must remember to charge the Apple Watch battery before it runs out of power completely.

The Apple Watch charging screen snake will appear when the Apple Watch battery is completely drained out and has no power left. In many cases, users can solve this issue by charging the device for about 4 hours. However, in other cases, they must replace the Apple Watch battery to solve this issue.

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