The Meaning of Digital Printing and 5+ of Its Advantages for Industry!!

Some people may still don’t know what digital printing is, although they already use the services in their daily life. Hearing about “digital” we are sure that people directly think about technology. Well, the newest technology is also used in the world of printing which creates a better business, especially to increase the promotion and the tools for different businesses. 

What is Digital Printing? 


As we have said before, some people still don’t know the meaning of digital printing. Besides using its services, knowing the meaning of digital printing is also needed, especially to enlarge your knowledge. 

In a simple explanation, digital printing is a method of modern printing that used digital technology as a transfer media from the materials to a printing media. On another side, digital printing is also known as a process of image printing that has been designed into different materials or physique media. 

The coming of this new technology to the printing industry is such great news. Of course, it will bring positive effects for the industry, especially to increase working efficiency. Well, by using digital printing technology, the printing industry could do their printing method professionally by operating both laser printers and inkjet printers. Of course, the printing result will be better, the printing time will be faster and the price will be reachable. It will not be a surprise that many printing industries now using this newest technology.

Historically, digital printing has been developed since 1990. It is the beginning of development before digital printing reach its significant development as we could see today. Some developments in this technology prove that digital printing also could be used to print different media made from semi-plastic to be applied in outdoors, such as banners, billboards, and others.

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On another side, the high development of digital printing also delivers more profits for the businessman. The reason is: this technology is very useful to create different promotion media with a more attractive appearance and reasonable price.

The Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

the pro and cons of digital printing

Of course, every printing machine has its pros and cons. Then, what are the pros and cons of digital printing machines? Let’s discuss it!

The Pros of Digital Printing Machine

Digital printing machine has some pros that will increase printing efficiency and create better printing result. Besides, these pros also could be the reasons why you need to apply this new machine. 

The pros of digital printing machines are:

  1. Digital printing machine will work faster than the previous machine since it is controlled by a computer.
  2. The user could arrange the amount of printed material, so it is easier to fill the needs of consumers. It means that there is no minimal printing order in using a digital printing machine.
  3. Digital printing machines could print only on a piece of material and the user could use it to make sure that the design is accepted before printing in mass.
  4. Digital printing machines don’t need an experienced user or an expert to operate, so every individual could operate them.
  5. Because of the easiness of operation, the digital printing machine could be an appropriate option for those who are just started in the printing business.
  6. Digital printing machines could print on the same materials as offset printing machines, so you have more options, and investing in printing digital machines could be a better option to choose from.

The Cons of Digital Printing Machines

Although the digital printing machine has some pros, which could be the reasons to choose it, that machine still has some cons to know. The cons also could be your consideration before choosing it in running your business. 

Some cons of digital printing machines to know are:

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  1. The printing production cost using a digital printing machine is higher than when we are using an offset printing machine.
  2. The printing business competition becomes tighter than before because many people run new printing businesses since the digital printing machine is easy to operate for an individual.
  3. The resale price of a printing digital machine is quite low and it is quite difficult to find a new buyer.
  4. Digital printing machines need more complex maintenance than offset printing machines.
  5. The fast development of digital printing machines and the tight business competition cause some businessman couldn’t get their capital back faster.

6 Popular Digital Printers

It is not complete if discuss digital printing machines without talking about the kinds of popular digital printing. You need to know that today, there are some kinds of digital printing based on the kinds of machine that is applied. 

Here, we will talk about the kinds of digital printing that you need to know in choosing the best machine to use. 

1. Inkjet printer

inkjet printer

An inkjet printer is a printer that is commonly used in the office or home for personal usage. This printer is also often applied for some businesses. A photocopy is a kind of business that is often using this machine. Besides, an inkjet printer sometimes is also used by small businesses to create souvenirs, mugs, wedding invitations, photo printing, and others.  

2. Plotter machine

plotter machine

The plotter machine is a digital printing machine that is applied to print wider media. This machine is available in different brands and sizes, such as 1.5 meters, 3.2 meters, and 5 meters. In common, this machine is operated to print different promotion media. 

During the operation, the plotter machine needs some different inks. The common inks to use are dye ink, pigment ink, solvent ink, eco-solvent ink, and UV ink. Every ink that is used for this machine has its unique characteristic and it could be chosen based on your needs. 

3. Digital Offset

digital offset jet press

A digital offset is a printing machine that could be applied to print the designed media with different sizes, starting from A4 to A0. In common, this machine is used to print books, traces, maps, and others. This machine is very interesting since it works very fast to create different printing based on the designs. 

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4. Flatbed printing

flatbed printing

A flatbed printing is a digital printing machine that is used for certain materials. In common, it is applied to print different designs in thick materials, such as wood, glass, ceramics, acrylics, and others. 

This machine uses UV ink technology to print any design. With the use of that technology, flatbed printing machines could produce great printing quality. Not only that, but the printed image also isn’t easy to fade. 

5. Digital silk screening or DTG printing

digital silk screening or dtg

Digital silk screening or DTG printing is a new technique in the printing industry. However, this printing technique is quite popular since it has a lower operational cost than the other printing techniques. 

This machine is unique since it could print directly on the surface of the material. The commonly used materials are cotton, polyester, and others. During the operation, this printer used neo-pigment ink to produce the best printing quality.

6. 3D printing 

3d printing

3D printing campaigned in the US around 2013. It became a new technology with different applications in different industries. This machine uses photo polymer as the main substance and it could create 3D objects based on the design. However, this kind of digital printing still gets lower orders. However, we argue that in the future, this printing technique will be more popular. 

That is all that we could talk about digital printing machines. Of course, for you that has a printing business, knowing what digital printing is and the kinds of available machines are important. With the basic knowledge that you have, we are sure that you could find the best printing machine based on your kind of business and you could promote your business effectively.

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