Here is how to print on disposable face mask effortlessly!! Start You New Business Today!!

Many people have been wondering how to print on disposable face masks. The pandemic sees a surgeon the face mask sales. But most importantly, personalizing disposable face masks became a lucrative business.

How to print on disposable face mask without any issue

How to print on disposable face mask without any issue

Printing on a disposable mask is very easy when you know how. You only need three things. A good printer, a box of disposable masks, and good image editing software.

Start by working on the design for the disposable mask. If you’re wondering which paper size to use, the postcard is a good starting point for the size. Of course, you can manually set the canvas size before start designing.

When you have finalized the design, you can print it directly on the transfer paper. And finally, press that paper to the mask.

Make sure you’re using the lowest heat to transfer the image on your disposable mask. Many things can go wrong if you overheat the press, even just for a bit.

You may break or even destroy the mask. And the worst thing is that both the transfer paper and mask will stick to your heat machine. 

After a while, you will be familiar with the process and machinery. That is when you can tell the sweet spot to speed up your printing process.

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Can I just print my design directly?

Several printers allow you to print directly to the disposable face mask. But obviously, these printers don’t come cheap. You may not like to know how much it will cost you, let alone the maintenance cost.

Another option you can do is to use the silkscreen printing method. It’s closer to a handmade process where you directly print the design to the disposable mask. But of course, this method also has several disadvantages.

For starters, you’re limited to several colors in a design. This method also doesn’t support a complicated multi-colored design. And because they are fully manual labor, it may take a long time to complete the order. You can also check out our tutorial on how to print on fabric.

Other Things to Note

Printing on a disposable mask can cover and disturb the airflow. Therefore, you shouldn’t make the design bigger than 20% of the mask. That is why most printed masks will only have a logo on one corner.

Many companies will print their logo on disposable masks. It’s a good advertisement that also can help the wearer. And you can do the same tactic for your personal branding.

You can invest in a good inkjet printer for this business. An inkjet is better than a LaserJet printer because it provides a better color transfer and is faster to set. 

Don’t forget that a LaserJet heats up toner to print the colors out. Therefore, you can’t rush a job. And it can spell trouble at times.

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After you know how to print on disposable face masks, you can turn it into a business opportunity. You can choose between two printing methods that will fit your budget.

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