4 4 Printing Means in Printing Term!!

The term 4 4 printing is familiar in the printing industry. This industry has some terms to express the colors to print on a piece of paper. Since 4 4 is one of them, you have to know what it means and how it affects the result. 

The Definition of 4 4 Printing

4 4 printing

How to pronounce 4 4 in printing terms? It is “four over four”. The meaning of four over four printing means there are four colors from the ink. The four colors are at the front of the paper, and the other four ink colors are at the back of the paper as well.

The colors in this printing mode consist of CMYK, as per what we already know. The CMYK stands for:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow, and 
  • Black. 

It means that the result of this printing mode is full color and that is not a random one. Both sides are full colors.

The Printing Process for 4/4

The process is called the 4-color process. This is the method to print full-color pages or images. Usually, the user uses commercial printers for this task. Usually, this method is for manuals, catalogs, magazines, books, brochures, and other materials which need full-color pages.

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The printing press will apply separate layers for this mode. The layers consist of all CMYK colors. After that, the printer will reproduce thousands of colors after overlapping the CMYK colors in the system. The concentration of inks can be different as well.

The colors will be in super tiny dots. The best quality printer will do its best for 4 4 printing. The result of the paper can have some visual effects. The stronger magnification of this printing mode will give your eyes a chance to differentiate the CMYK dots on the paper.

The Printing Results


The halftone means that the saturation on the paper will be less than it should be. The primary colors will be in tiny dots and when we view it from a normal distance, these dots will form a solid color. If we print about 20% of magenta, it means the result will most likely in pink.

When we apply the 4-color printing, the result of the printing pages will have a huge spectrum in our eyes. Each CMYK color will be printed separately. The black or K ink color will act as the shadow or truer black if the printing process needs it.

Rich Black

Black color consists of two shades, regular black, and rich black. With CMYK colors, we can get a truer black shade. The result is better than using the black ink itself. It is richer and bolder. It is from 50% C, 40% M, 40% Y, and 100% K.

However, this 4/4 printing mode should not be more than 240% on normal paper because the paper is uncoated. This result is also not good for fonts such as fine serifs because the element of black is different.

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The 4 4 printing is one of the common printing modes which means the user will print in full color on both sides. In the printing industry, you have to know this term because it will have a huge effect on the result of the printing.

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