3+ Big Difference between High Yield Toner and Standard Toner!!

One of the things that we as users and printer owners should know is how different Standard, High Yield Toner, and Ink Cartridges are. This basic knowledge will allow you to save money and time for business and work purposes.

3+ Big Difference between High Yield Toner and Standard Toner!!

High Yield Toner Cartridges

These toner cartridges have the same shape and size as cartridges in general. The difference is that this cartridge contains more toner powder. Therefore, this toner can print more document pages at a more affordable cost in the long run, even though it is expensive upfront.

Users of this cartridge type are generally companies or organizations with significant and regular volumes of document printing activities. Using this toner will certainly prevent them from changing cartridges more often, which risks disrupting the company’s internal activities.

Extra High-Yield Toner Cartridges

In addition to high-yield toners, there are also extra high-yield toners that have more toner supplies. As the name suggests, this toner can produce more documents than users of other types of toner can print.

One of the characteristics of this extra high-yield toner is that it has a larger toner powder storage area. In addition, this toner can also reduce expenses with really high print volumes at a cost that is certainly much more affordable.

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Using high-yield and extra-yield is almost the same, depending on the scale of the company or larger organization, such as insurance companies, advertising services, law firms, hospitals, departmental offices, etc.

Standard Toner Cartridges

As the name suggests, this standard toner has the result of printing legal money documents. The model and the page yield are lower than high-yield or extra high-yield toner, which has more.

While this standard toner cartridge costs less, it has a higher travel printing cost than high-yield toner. Therefore, this type of toner cartridge is usually used for institutions, organizations, or companies with work functions that are not too heavy.

This toner cartridge is indeed not too luxurious, but the results are pretty good to complete a job that is not too heavy. Some examples of organizations or agencies that use this toner include hair salons, grocery stores, thinners, small-scale shops, etc.

Starter Toner Cartridges

There is also a starter toner which is a beginner to other types of toners. This toner is usually not officially available and traded freely for your printer needs and is often given when you first buy a printer.

Because the grade is below the standard toner, the price of this starter cartridge is lower. However, using this cartridge type is not recommended because it will run out faster, and changing this toner too often can cause problems for the printer.

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Page Printing Results on High-yield Toner and Standard Toner

The results of printing by the toner used on the printer refer to the number of pages printed before replacing the new cartridge. As the name implies, High-yield toner will produce more printing of document pages without changing it often, and the print yield is higher.

It should be noted that the higher the document printing result, the higher the initial price. However, over time, the costs incurred for this high-yield toner will be more affordable because it is more durable and efficient than standard toner. High yield is the correct answer if you want to print with many pages but cheaper.

Costs incurred for Document Printing

Costs incurred for Document Printing

Here are examples of the costs incurred for printing documents using high-yield and standard toner.

1. Using the HP 37A, Standard Yield can print 11,000 pages at a toner cost of $175, so the print cost per page is .0159.

2. Using the HP 37X, High Yield can print up to 25,000 pages at a toner price of $259, so the print cost per page is .0104.

3. Using the HP 37Y, the Extra High Yield can print up to 41,000 pages at a toner cost of $379.95, so the print cost per page is .0093.

What Type of Toner Cartridge Should You Use?

The answer is to adjust to your needs. If you have a work capacity with large document printing, then use high-yield toner. However, use standard toner if your working capacity and document printing are not too much. If you use OEM Toner Cartridges, there is nothing wrong with using these two types of toner.

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It is information about the difference between High Yield Toner and a Standard Toner, the quality of the resulting document pages, and a comparison of the costs that must be incurred. Hope this information helps you!

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