10+ HP Deskjet 3752 Not Printing Problem and Its Solution!!

It is likely that your Hp Deskjet 3752 not printing. This printer is actually one of the best products from HP that surpass other manufacturers. But, you still face this problem when there are wrong configurations that exist. Fortunately, you can solve this problem through some simple steps.

HP Deskjet 3752 Not Printing Issue

It is good for simple users because it has basic functions only. However, its simplicity is still very supportive for daily usage, whether it is for home usage or office purposes.  So, you can count on this printer for your daily tasks.

Printing a document or image is actually easy with HP Deskjet 3752. This printer is very reliable in delivering excellent printing result. But, you might find problems when your HP printer is not printing.

You might be worried when it occurs. This is especially when the printer is a new one. You might think that a new printer will not find any problem in printing.

Resetting the printer is the main solution that you can do. A hard reset is the simplest way to solve this problem.  You can just remove the printer’s cord before pressing the POWER button for sixty seconds. Then, plug in the printer’s cord again before turning it on.

10+ HP Deskjet 3752 Not Printing Problem and Its Solution!!

Usually, this method can solve your problem.  New printers of HP Deskjet 3752 can easily work after it is restarted.   If it still doesn’t work, then you can check its wireless network connection.

1. Network Issues

Sometimes, there are network issues that occur. Try initializing some troubleshooting procedures as below:

  • Restart your devices, including your printer, laptop, and router.
  • Download HP print and scan doctor software.
  • Make a quick scan for ensuring the cause of the printing error.
  • Make a test print by using the ‘wireless network test page’.
  • Make sure your driver is updated because updated software can resolve such problem.

You can also figure out whether your printer is assigned IP address manually for avoiding such problems. You can check the wireless network name with the correct password credentials.  If the problem still occurs, then you can replace your current router.

By some means, other wireless devices can obstruct the connection. You can turn them off when you don’t use those devices. This is to ensure that your wireless printer can work properly.

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2. Missing Wireless Connection

HP Deskjet 3752 Network Issues

It was already mentioned that a printer cannot print because of the low wireless network connection. While it may be caused by the availability of other wireless devices that may block the connection, there is another cause that relates to the wireless connection problem. It can be due to the connection cable that links to the power connector of the HP Printer.

How to figure out whether it is caused by the power connector or not?

  • You can figure out the connection cable that is connected from the wall power to the power connector of the HP printer.
  • Then, you can check the connecting cable from the printer to the Windows PC. Make sure it is in place firmly on both ends.
  • When the HP printer is using a network cable to the network connection like an Ethernet modem, you can check out whether the Ethernet cable is snug or not. Usually, there are blinking lights that will indicate the network connection.

3. Offline or Not Responding Printer

A printer that doesn’t print can indicate that the status is Offline. Sometimes, printer users are not aware of it. You should also check whether your printer is offline or ready. A printer is not ready to print due to some conditions like insufficient ink or toner, paper absence, and blinking lights that indicate errors.

First, you should check whether your printer is not in Sleep Mode. After you are sure that it is ready, make sure the paper is loaded completely. Or, you can check whether the ink or toner is genuine and installed properly.

When you are certain that everything is in its place, try restarting the printer. This is to ensure that there will be no error state. Let the printer off for up to thirty seconds before turning it on again.

4. Problems on the Essentials or Hardware

Sometimes, you overlook hardware problems or essentials that relate to your HP Deskjet 3752 printer. The first cause is the printer cartridge. Most of the time,  the ink level indicator isn’t accurate.

When it happens, you can replace the ink cartridge and get the new one. Or you can replace the ink. This problem occurs mostly on this kind of HP printer.

Another problem is the availability of the paper. It is likely that there is a paper jam that is left unnoticed. Open the printer and find out whether there is paper stuck within the printer.

5. Queued Printing

Queued Printing

Printing jobs that are queued may stop the printing process. Sometimes, the machine works slowly, though it can cause the printer stops at all. Check the queued printing jobs and make sure that all jobs are all done.

You can find this problem by finding the printer button on the right side of the computer. But, you can also choose these steps to solve the problem:

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  • Search Control Panel
  • Find Devices and Printers
  • Find your specific HP printer and right-click on the button
  • Check out ‘What’s Printing’
  • Then go to the MENU tab. Opt for Open as Administrator
  • Choose ‘Cancel All Documents’

Another alternative to solve this problem is by finding Windows Print Spooler. You can locate it after running the SERVICES program. This program can be found in the Services Window on Administrative Tools that are available on the Control Panel menu.

6. Software Problems

The problem is usually the outdated HP printer driver. Most computer operating system always distinguishes HP printers. HP manufacturer ensures that its driver is compatible with all common operating systems.

It is the reason why HP printer drivers should stay updated. Or else, the printer won’t work in a proper way. Updating your HP printer drivers is as mentioned below:

  • Choose WINDOW and find DEVICE MANAGER
  • Tab the HP printer on the list of your devices
  • Right-click the icon and opt for UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE
  • You can simply choose SEARCH AUTOMATICALLY
  • Do all the instructions for updating the driver

7. Set as Default

When your HP Deskjet 3752 is not printing, you can try setting your HP printer as a default setting. Usually, the setting has changed when you were performing certain tasks. The printer will stop working when it occurs. Make your HP Deskjet 3752 as the default printer.

Here are the steps:

  • Find HP DESKJET 3752 and right-click on it

It is much easier to set your printer as default. This is because you can save time as you don’t have to set up anything before printing. If you plan to use HP Deskjet 3752 more often than other printers, then this method is the most suitable one.

8. Clogged Print Head

Remember that using HP printers without any regular maintenance can make the print head clogged. Any printer from this manufacturer is designed for regular cleaning. When it is left untreated, then you might find that your printer is not working.

The cartridge cleaning cycle can be done from any computer and operating system. If you use Windows, choose the HP Printer Assistant application.  You will find the menu MAINTAIN YOUR PRINTER in which there are some options available. Choose DEVICE SERVICES and click Clean Cartridges in which the command will lead you to some instructions.

If you are using Mac Operation System, you can search OPTIONS AND SUPPLIES on the printer Window. Then, choose UTILITY and opt for Open Printer Utility. Opt CLEAN PRINTHEADS and CLEAN. Keep following the next instruction.

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9. Dirty Ink Nozzles

When the ink nozzles are dirty, then the printer may stop working. Dirty ink nozzles don’t only cause smeared printing results, but they can also stop the printer to run. You need to clean it in order to make sure that you can use the printer smoothly.

Cleaning the ink nozzle is very easy. You can do it manually, though. Prepare a cotton swab and put it in distilled water. Then use it to clean the area surrounding the ink nozzles. But, make sure that the nozzle plates and the ink cartridge contacts remain untouched. Let the cartridge dry prior to reinstalling them into the printer.

10. Make Sure to Use Genuine Cartridges

HP Deskjet 3752 Genuine Cartridges

There is no doubt that all kinds of HP Printers require genuine cartridges. This is the main reason why printers from this brand can maintain the quality. Using genuine cartridges for your HP Deskjet 3752 can avoid problems that relate to incompatibility with your printer.

The best thing about using a compatible cartridge is its resistance to fading or smudging. It can even make the printing process stop whenever the ink is fading. Genuine cartridges of HP Deskjet 3752 are manufactured to meet the best standards.

11. The Improper Installation of Related Hardware

When the ink cartridges are not installed properly or the ink replacement cartridge is defective, then it is probably the cause why your HP printer is not printing. Installing the cartridges is actually very easy. The manual instructions usually deliver very precise and clear methods.

Improper USB connection can also cause the printing doesn’t run smoothly. It can be that the USB cable is broken or the cable is not compatible to HP printer.  HP printers usually require the genuine cable to connect to the printer.


There is no doubt that The HP Deskjet 3752 is one of the most versatile printers. It is not only affordable but also very good in quality. It is perfect for general applications of printing though it can only work on low-based printing needs.

The best thing about this printer is its high quality black and color printing. Its printing speed is also very good. Its scanning performance is not less remarkable.  The best thing of all is its versatility in connectivity in which you still can use a USB cable or connect it by using your wireless connection.

There are rare cases of HP Deskjet 3752 not printing. When it occurs, the solution to this problem is also very simple to accomplish. It doesn’t take genius to deal with such problems.

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