5+ Simple Steps for Brother Printer Low Toner Override!!

It is possible to apply Brother printer low toner override. There is no doubt that genuine Brother toner is highly expensive. While you want to buy a genuine one, you consider that you can override your Brother printer’s low toner.  The good news is you can do it as easy as 1-2-3.

First Method of Brother Printer Low Toner Override!!

Once you see a prompt message ‘toner low’, you will consider buying new toner cartridges. But you can try using your cartridges at their best.  Shaking the cartridge is a good solution.

Shaking the cartridge can make the dust within the toner cartridge clump. If the toner cartridge is shaken, then the dust within the toner will be loosening. It is likely that the toner level become normal.

First, pop out the toner cartridge. Then shake the toner cartridge after bumping it against your palm for about thirty seconds. Then reinstall the cartridge and make sure that you won’t see the prompt message again.

However, many reviewers claimed that they still see the message pop up again after shaking the toner. But, they still can print some pages with the existing cartridge.  This is why you can try this method without any doubt.

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Simpler Ways in Overriding Brother Printer Toner

5+ Simple Steps for Brother Printer Low Toner Override!!

It is much easier to pop the toner out and install it again.  It allows the printer to reset its memory. When you pop out the toner then the printer can review the toner level. By doing so, the Brother toner cartridge is ready to use again.

Another simple method to override low toner on your Brother printer is by keeping it clean. The efficiency of your toner cartridge will reduce significantly when it is dusty.  The best thing about Brother printers is the automatic printer head cleaning.

You can also perform a nozzle check every time you are replacing the old cartridge with the new one. You can also dust the printer regularly and maintain the printer head clean.

Save Money, Save Cartridges

save money - cheaper

Printing files are easy. But, some people do this in too frequent ways so that they waste their toner. The life of the toner cartridge will be longer when you print effectively.

Printing only important files can save you money and toner significantly. You can also maintain your printer by keeping an eye on the level of the current toner. It is best to avoid too low toner level.

When You Have To Really Override Your Printer Low Toner

There are times when you must override your Brother printer toner. You might want to save money with the low level of toner cartridges or you are in a hurry to print lots of documents. Then, you can reset the Brother printer toners.

  1. Keep the printer in ON mode
  2. Open the door of the toner. You will notice it on your laptop that the ‘COVER IS OPEN’
  3. Find RESET menu on the BACK button
  4. Select the exact color and size of the toner cartridge. Tap OK
  5. Tap ‘1’ to reset the cartridge
  6. Exit the RESET Menu by pressing BACK
  7. Close the door of the toner access
  8. Do a test print
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Brother printers that were launched prior to 2017 contained no chip that detects the level of toner. This is why the latest Brother printers show off ‘NO TONER’ prompt message, even if you have your new toner installed.   The role of the chip is very important in detecting the current toner.

Fortunately, you can try Brother printer low toner override that offers lots of advantages. You can print down your documents until the toner powder is all used. You don’t only save money, but you also decrease waste.

You can also try another tips below to save your toner:

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