4 Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error 351!!

When using a printer for printing jobs, you may experience some errors. HP printers may display some error messages that require you to fix the printer before continuing printing. One of the error codes is HP printer error 351. You need to know what kind of error this is and how to fix this error.

The error codes will appear when a printer is not working or has a fault. Your printer is going to display a message on your computer or on the printer’s display. If you see an error code while printing, don’t need to freak out. Stay calm and check out all details about error 351 below.

What Is HP Printer Error 351

HP Printer Error

When you see this error code appears on the display, it means that the printer’s remote machine is experiencing failure. The remote machine cannot respond to the local machine’s fax command because of an interruption in the connection.

This HP printer error 351 can happen if the phone lines in the receiver area are old or if there is noise. The noise can be static on the phone line. The other things that can cause this error include power problems and power outages. You need to know the solutions to this error and fix it immediately.

When the remote user is pressing the Stop key but the printer is still receiving the fax, HP printer error 351 will appear. In rare conditions, the error can also appear because of the incompatibility of two machines. Check out some solutions for this error below.

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Fixing Error 351 in HP Printers

Fixing Error

You can use many ways to fix this error. Some ways are classic solutions that can help you fix all error codes when using an HP printer. But some other solutions are for specific error codes, like this error 351. Below are all steps you can take to fix error 351 and make your printer works again.

1. Retry the fax reception

The first thing you can do when you see the HP printer error 351 is to retry the fax reception again. But retry the fax reception at different times and make sure that there is improvement in the telephone line conditions. Keep retrying several times until the error disappears.

But if you keep seeing the error code and messages, you may want to call the provider on the telephone. Call the provider if the conditions of the telephone line fail to improve. They are going to help you so you can fix the fax error on your HP printer.

2. Resetting the printer

In many cases, the simple printer cable and a reset are enough to clear the error messages. If you want to try the most basic steps, follow some steps below to clean HP printer error 351. Hopefully, there is no need to try the more complicated solutions.

  • Unplug the printer’s power cable from your printer’s backside when the printer is still on.
  • And then remove the power cord of the printer from the plug socket and wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the printer’s power cable into the plug socket again and then reconnect the printer’s power cable to the backside of the printer again.
  • Turn on your HP printer and then wait until it becomes silent. Then you need to check whether the HP printer error 351 disappears or not.
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If this process to reset the printer is working and you no longer see the error code, use your printer normally. But if this simplest method to fix the error code doesn’t work, you may have to try the more complex method below.

3. Disabling the ECM

The error Correction Mode of ECM is a special feature in HP printers and fax machines. This feature is going to correct errors that appear in the fax transmission. When this ECM is on, it will break the fax transmission into some small data chunks.

After sending every single piece of data, the printer’s fax machine will return the confirmation of whether the data is received or not. Now, you may have to disable this ECM to eliminate error 351. There are some easy steps below you need to take to make HP printer error 351 disappear.

  • Press the Setup menu and then scroll until you find the Fax Setup menu. Click on the OK button.
  • Now you need to scroll the menu of Fax Setup and then choose All Faxes before clicking on the OK button again.
  • Scroll again through the menus on the All Faxes page and then choose Error Correction and press the OK button.
  • Finally, choose the Off option before pressing OK for the last time.

On many HP printers, the ECM or Error Correction Mode will always be on. By disabling or turning off this ECM, you will allow the faxes to continue without retransmitting. Retransmission will not happen if small bits of information are gone.

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4. Sending Files at a Lower Speed of Transmission

Sending Files

If HP printer error 351 still appears on the display and you cannot print the documents, lower the transmission speed. The best speed to use is a slow speed which is 9600bps. The fast speed of 14,400bps is available but may cause an error in some circumstances.

How can you lower the HP printer transmission speed? Below are some easiest steps that will guide you to lower the transmission speed.

  • Press Setup and then choose Advanced Fax Setup and then click on the OK button.
  • Now choose the Fax Speed menu and then click on the OK button again.
  • Choose the Slow speed which is going to transmit at 9600bps and is V.29.
  • Finally, click OK and your HP printer will use the slow speed.

This way, your printer will be more stable and nothing can bother the transmission. And the error code may disappear so you can start the printing jobs normally without hassle.

HP printer error 351 makes HP printer users stop working and start panicking. If you experience this error on your HP printer, consider trying the four methods above. Try the simplest one to the more complex ones and see which method will help you fix the error 351 code on your HP printer.

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