How to Fix Epson Error Code Non Printing Features are Available

What is “Non Printing Features are Available” means? How to fix it? Read more to find out about it and how to fix it without taking the printer to printer center or contacting Epson Support.

Epson ET series, usually ET 2750 or ET 2760 will show you an error on the LCD Screen to help you find out what went wrong with your printer and helps you fix it easily. Unfortunately, sometimes the error description is also not helpful enough.

Error “Non Printing Features are Available” Meaning

Error code E-01 034004 or “Non Printing Features are Available“ as the description. You are asked to contact Epson support to help you fix it.

They usually will only ask you to turn off your printer and turn it on again, but the problem will usually persist. This happens because this error means you’ve got papers stuck on the roller or something inside the printer that you’ll have to take out and clean.

Error Code Non Printing Features are Available

How to Fix Error “Non Printing Features are Available” 

As we already know the cause of the error, now we can try to fix it ourselves.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Let’s check if restarting your device fixes your issue. Some people say that this is what worked for them, so hopefully it works for you too.

  2. If your printer still shows an error, try removing the paper roller. Rollers are often on the back of your printer.

  3. Find a flashlight or you can use your phone and check if there are any pieces of paper stuck inside. If you found them, remove all of them.

  4. Check the paper feeder too, the jammed paper may have got jammed up there when you were trying to fight paper jam.

  5. To remove bits of paper from the paper feeder, put some sticky tape over the opening and use it to pull out any remaining papers that may be jammed inside.

How to Prevent Error “Non Printing Features are Available” from Happening Again

Your printer should be working just fine right now and will keep printing your document or labels. If this problem happens again, don’t use too much force when you’re fighting a paper jam.

If your paper is jammed, it can be very difficult to get the paper out. Sometimes the paper is stuck inside because you’re using too much force. To free it out, you will sometimes need to open a lot of components before you can get that paper out. If your paper is jammed and you can’t get it out yourselves, don’t force it and take it to service. They’ll sort it out for you.

Bonus Tips:

When you are printing labels, make sure that you count the labels so you know that there is no paper stuck inside the printer. Don’t forget to also update your printer driver to optimize your printer. Epson is the industry leading printer manufacturer and they have just announced 2 new models: Epson ET-2750 or Epson ET-2760.

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