7 Easy Steps to Connect Your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi Network

What is a Brother Printer and Why Would You Want to Connect it to Wi-Fi?

Brother printers are a popular choice of printer for offices and homes. They are affordable and have features that make them easy to use. Connecting Brother printers to Wi-Fi is a quick and easy way to access the printer from any device on the network, including your phone.

This will enable you to print wirelessly from anywhere in the house, or even if you’re out of town. You can also easily print documents from your phone or tablet without having to worry about cables or USB connections.

Another advantage you need to consider is that if you have your printer connected to Wi-Fi, you can share your printer with other people on your network. This means that this is the perfect feature you need if you want to share your printer within your network.

7 Easy Steps to Connect Your Brother Printer to Wi-Fi Network

How To Setup A Wireless Connection With A Brother Printer

Before you start, please check if an your wireless network is turn on and ready. Locate the network name (SSID) and key (password/security key). If you don’t know it, usually you can find it on the side or bottom of your router.

1) Press the Menu Button

You can find the menu button on the control panel which is located on the bottom right of the arrow button.

2) Select ‘Network’ and click ‘OK’

You can use the arrow button to select the “Network” option, then press Ok.

3) Select ‘WLAN’ and click ‘OK’

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It’s usually on number one, so you can just click ‘OK’

4) Select ‘Setup Wizard’ and click ‘OK’

You can use the arrow button to select the “Setup Wizard” option, then press Ok.

5) Select ‘On’ to ‘WLAN Enable?’

This usually takes a while because it scans all of wireless network available in your area. Please be patient and wait for it.

6) Select Your Network Name or SSID and click ‘OK’

The printer will give you a list of network available to connect, choose the network name you want using the arrow button.

7) Enter your password and click ‘OK’ and then ‘Yes’

As the printer didn’t provide you with any keyboard, you can only use the up or down button to input your password. Choose the right character using the up or down button and click OK. While it’s a hassle to do it especially if you have a long password, you only need to do it once.

If you follow all the step above, you should see “Connected” on the screen display and then the printer will print a report saying “Connection: OK”. Another indicator that you already success is a flashing green light on the left of the LCD display screen.

If it show’s error, usually it’s because you entered the wrong password on your network, you can retrace the step above and try again.

One last step before you start printing is to ensure that your computer already installed with the right driver for your brother printer. If you don’t have the driver CD or lost it, you can try find it on google or on our website.

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