7 Common Printer Problems And How To Solve Them

A printer is an important tool for human life in the digital era. Almost all agencies, businesses, and even ordinary homes need a printer for printing the necessary documents.

As a printer user, of course, you have often encountered problems that occurs when using the printer. Problems that usually occurs with printers are prints that are lined and dotted, paper jams, the ink does not come out, and so on. Perhaps the quickest solution is to take it to a specialist, or to a service center.

But now there is no need to take it directly to the service center, where we will provide information about problems with the printer and how to solve them.


7 Common Printer Problems And How To Solve Them

The 7 common printer problems that we will present below apply only to inkjet printers and laser printers.

1. Printing Speed ​​Too Slow

Have you ever experienced a problem with the printer’s printing speed being so slow? Don’t rush it immediately to a service center. Since it’s an easy problem to fix, keep calm and try the following ways

You can increase print speed and save ink in the printing process by reducing print quality. When the print quality decreases, the print speed automatically becomes faster and ink expenditure becomes more efficient. Maybe the settings for each printer are very different, but actually, the steps are the same. 

Select the Print and Properties menu and look for settings to reduce print quality. If you are an HP Photosmart 8450 user, you can set it up instantly by changing the Normal to Fast Draft setting. Another way that you can use to increase print speed is that you can try to print documents from the web without using graphics, so use characters only, and add RAM to your printer.

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2. Waste of Ink

The problem that usually occurs next with a printer is the ink that keeps coming out so that it wastes ink. Even though it’s normal for the ink itself to be cheap, this could be due to the wrong cartridge selection. Make sure you use the official cartridge directly from your printer brand.

3. Windows Sends Print Job To The Wrong Printer

Windows Sends Print Job To The Wrong Printer

This is common when you have more than 1 printer to print various documents. Sometimes Windows makes an error in sending data to another printer so that the document you want to print does not come out in the destination printer.

The way to solve this problem is to set the default one of the printers to be the primary printer if you want to print documents. The trick is to click the Windows icon > Device and Printers > Select Printer and Right Click > select Set as default printer.

4. Printer Print Results Striped And Dotted

There are five reasons for this problem to happen, you can check our article that talked about this problem in-depth and how to resolve it.

5. A Out of Ink Warning Appears on the Printer, Even Though it’s Not Out Yet

This may be an annoying problem with the printer, sometimes the software from the printer gives a warning that the ink is out, when in fact the ink has not run out and there is still a lot of it. This is indeed a problem that often occurs with inkjet printers and the way to solve this problem can be solved by resetting the cartridge. 

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This is quite risky because resetting the cartridge causes the printer to reload the initial settings on the printer. Please proceed with caution.

6. Wireless Printer Printing Speed is Very Slow

If the wireless printer does not meet the same connectivity, it is only natural that this kind of problem will occur. But by using a wireless printer, you get excess benefits, it’s just that you need a little more energy to do the settings at first.

To get the best performance from a wireless printer, there are several things that you have to pay attention to, such as the number of connected users, the distance to use the printer, and the connection interface that must be adjusted. Wireless printers may be more convenient when used at home or in the office, but keep in mind that wireless printers have a limited number of users, at least you have to set which users can access the printer.

In addition to the number of users, distances also affects the performance of wireless printers. The farther the printer is from your router or PC, the data sent from your computer need to travel farther and it means it will need take more time. This will translated to slower printing speed. Finally, the printer’s Wi-Fi interface compatibility with routers or PCs also affects the printer printing speeds.

7. Use Good Ink

We highly recommend using good and reliable ink to keep cartridges and printers durable. If you are currently using cheap and fake ink, you should stop and switch to trusted ink before the printer breaks down.

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Those were 7 common printer problems and how to fix them. Hopefully, your problem is solved, but if the damage to your printer is really serious, please bring it to a service center.

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